More than Rebuilding, but Replenish, Restore and Reform 

Spiritual Director fee:

INITIAL FLAT RATE up to 4 Sessions (Excellent price for a family!!!)

Discounted rate: Military, College Students!
Graced with Endowments:

God's Presence, His Anointing, His Protection, His Grace and His Unfailing Love! 

Skilled: ENFJ WORLDVIEW: Extrovert, intuitive, Feeling, Judging , the ability of empty to fulfillment! Also it is a call from emptiness to beloved!

Strengths: Input, Relator, Responsible, Strategic, and Intellectual: Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies, Bachelor's in Christian Ministry Leadership, Endorsed & licensed with membership that holds professional expenses in excess $12,000 per year!

Excellent compassion and prayer intercession for All humankind, the poor, the rich, the wanted and unwanted the loved and unloved.  Excellent leadership development, in mentoring men and women in their faith in their spiritual development. A former Chaplain Candidate, commemorated as a 911/Hero for the United States Guard. I help to bring renewal theology and liberation theology into the human hearts and souls of this millennium!

             Biblical Scholar Anita  Morris
All My God Ministries
Accepts All God's creations and also see them through triumph
in the soul-making process!